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Healthy Soft Tissues Are Important

You may not realize that gums are an important part of your smile. But if you have ever experienced tooth sensitivity or noticed that your gums bleed after flossing, these are signs that your soft tissues may need evaluation by our dentists at Riverdale Dental Associates. Your gums are a vital barrier that keep bacteria and infection from harming your teeth and bone. Gums that aren’t at optimal health can make you feel self-conscious, limit your mouth’s ability to function, or worse harm your dental and physical health. Before significant problems occur, seek our dentists for personalized soft tissue treatment at one of our many dental offices in Florida! Our select procedures, such as frenectomy and crown lengthening, may be what your smile needs to restore optimal health, beauty, and function.

Signs of Soft Tissue Problems

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Select Soft Tissue Treatments


Gum Recontouring

Too much gum tissue covering your teeth can make them appear small or short and give you a “gummy” smile look. With care and precision, we’ll reshape the gum tissue and remove excess bone around your teeth to restore better symmetry and improve your tooth-to-gum ratio. Soft tissue recontouring, crown lengthening, and gingivectomy procedures rebalance your smile and restore your confidence!



That slender tissue connecting your top lip to your gums or your tongue to the bottom of your mouth are each called a frenulum. If either of these tissues is too restrictive, you may have difficulty speaking or eating leading to a tongue-tie or lip-tie. Receiving a frenectomy at Riverdale Dental Associates this problematic tissue, freeing you to get full enjoyment out of meals, conversations, and even simply smiling.


Gum Grafting

Gums receding or pulling away from the teeth leave sensitive roots exposed to harmful bacteria. Gum grafting restores gum tissue where it has receded, usually replacing it with tissue from your own mouth This tissue graft will fuse with your existing gums, alleviating your tooth sensitivity and giving you a consistent and healthy gum line.



For active gum disease, a gingivectomy may be needed to eliminate diseased tissues and restore oral health. A gingivectomy involves cutting away gums affected by infection and clearing the pockets between the teeth of calculus and bacteria. Healthy gums can then be sutured in place to reduce pocket depth and help prevent re-infection.



Peri-implantitis is a condition like gum disease where bacterial plaque and calculus accumulation around the gums and implant posts cause infection. Peri-implantitis treatment involves clearing the calculus and bacteria from around the dental implant before infection destroys vital supportive bone. Catching this infection early can prevent the removal of the implant.

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