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Have you experienced the loss of one or more teeth due to injury, gum disease or a failed root canal? Are you disappointed with the current look of your smile because of missing teeth? If you answered yes to these two questions there are two great options to restore your smile – dental bridges and implants.

A bridge is a partial denture used to replace one or more missing teeth. Here are some things you should know about them:
A bridge can be cemented to adjacent teeth for a semi-permanent solution, or it can be removable.
Bridges are affordable and are commonly covered to some degree by insurance.
Because no surgery is involved, you can be fitted for a bridge relatively quickly.

A bridge requires the adjacent healthy teeth to be “prepared” or altered.
A bridge does’t address the “gap” or space open below the bridge. Bone will eventually recede and teeth may shift which will require future maintenance or replacement.

A dental implant is an artificial “root post”, made from titanium, that fuses with bone in the jaw. After several weeks of healing time, the dentist secures a post, called an abutment, on top of the implant. Finally, a natural tooth-colored crown is attached to the abutment. The procedure restores your bite and smile to their natural state without affecting any of your neighboring teeth.

They can last decades – sometimes a lifetime – depending on your age when one is placed.
They look and feel like natural teeth.
They support proper speech and allow for easier, more natural eating mechanics.
Implants preserve the bone in the jaw and maintains facial structure.

Dental implants are more expensive.
Implants require surgery which means additional healing time.
Not all patients are candidates for dental implants.

In summary dental implants are biocompatible with the human body and are the strongest, most permanent solution for missing teeth. With advances in dentistry, there are affordable, painless options. There is no reason to allow your health or your appearance to suffer because of a missing tooth or teeth. If you’re curious about which option is best for you please give us a call to set up a free consultation. We’ll be happy to put you back on the fast-track to a full smile right away!

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