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If you have a deep-seated cavity or cracks in your tooth, our dentists will suggest a root canal or a tooth extraction depending on the severity of the problem. The condition of your tooth will define what treatment can be followed to solve the problem.


It is a dental procedure performed to repair an infected and damaged tooth without extracting it. During the root canal procedure, only the damaged or decayed tooth is removed. The tooth is cleaned, disinfected, filled, and covered with a cap.

A root canal is a complex procedure that begins with an x-ray of your mouth. This assists our dentists to understand the exact nature of the damage inside the tooth. Depending on the damage, anesthesia is administered so that the root canal procedure can be completed without causing any discomfort.

The root canal procedure is followed up with a filling and a dental crown. This restores the functionality of the tooth and aesthetic appearance after the procedure is complete.


Extraction involves complete removal of the damaged tooth. This could be due to the result of an injury or severe decay. An extraction involves complete removal of the tooth socket within the dental bone. This procedure is followed only under severe circumstances.

There are 2 types of dental extractions. One is non-surgical and the other is surgical. A non-surgical extraction is when our professional carefully extract the tooth using an instrument that is called the elevator. It is followed up with forceps to complete the extraction without causing any pain. While you may feel slight pressure when the tooth is removed, our dentists ensure you experience minimal discomfort. A surgical extraction procedure may involve slight bleeding while the tooth is being extracted. Our experts use anesthesia and medication to subside any swelling or inflammation post the procedure.

Visit us so we can take a look at your damaged tooth and decide whether it needs to be extracted or it can be saved using a root canal procedure.

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