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Many people who take really good care of their teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly often complain that their teeth still feel weak and fragile. They also tend to experience dental issues like tooth pain and sensitivity despite following proper oral care habits.

If you are in the same boat, it’s quite possible that you have certain habits that take a toll on the health of your teeth.
Take a look at common, daily activities you might be doing that can seriously weaken your teeth.


A lot of people have this habit of chewing on ice; some find it fun and engaging while others think it is okay to do that since ice is sugar-free and natural. Truth be told, chewing on hard, frozen cubes of ice can weaken your teeth a great deal, but worse than that, it can even cause your teeth to chip and crack.


Chocolates and candies might be the ultimate comfort food, but they cause a lot of damage to your teeth. Sugar is really bad for the teeth, and we all know that very well. Sugary foods like dried fruits and jelly candies contain the kind of sugar that sticks to your teeth, eventually creating an acidic environment that wears out the hard outer layer on your teeth called enamel.


Brushing your teeth is a core requirement for keeping your teeth healthy and strong, but when you begin overbrushing, it causes more harm than good to your teeth. So, if you think brushing longer and harder is good for your teeth, it’s really not. It’s only going to weaken your teeth in the long run.

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