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A root canal therapy is the safest, most effective way to save a severely damaged or decayed tooth. However, there are some people who believe there are alternative treatments to root canal that can help restore a tooth to its proper form and function.

At BayView Dental, Our doctors and can discuss these. However, you should be aware that not all of these treatment methods are effective.


A tooth extraction can definitely get rid of the pain and infection. However, it will also get rid of your tooth. At BayView Dental, our priority is always to save your tooth and to use extraction as a last resort. Root canal treatment is performed to save your tooth. That said, there are some cases where the tooth is so problematic that it is better for your oral health to remove it.

We can then replace the missing tooth with a dental bridge or dental implant.

GoodFood Choices

People who prefer natural remedies over surgical procedures claim that bacterial infection in the teeth can be healed by taking a well-balanced and sugar-free diet. Although eating mineral-rich nutritious food can reduce the risk of cavities, it cannot eliminate infection or repair a broken tooth or severely damaged enamel.

Ozone Gas

Some people think that injecting ozone gas into the tubules of the teeth can eliminate bacteria and help conserve the health of the tooth better than a root canal treatment.

It is true that ozone gas is a safe and potent disinfectant; however, it does not provide any barrier to recontamination of your tooth. Bacteria can infect your tooth again and you will require a root canal treatment to treat it.

However, in case you cannot get immediate root canal treatment, ozone gas can help get rid of bacteria for a short while.

Calcium Hydroxide

Another popular theory is that irrigating the root canal with calcium hydroxide can stop the proliferation of bacteria and eliminates dead tissue. However, keep in mind that calcium hydroxide is a toxic gas and will need to be placed with very fine needles by a highly competent dentist.

However, calcium hydroxide can only buy you time and cannot prevent reinfection for a long time.

The above alternative treatments all have potential; however, none of them offers a long-lasting solution like a root canal surgery. If your teeth is damaged or infected, consult with Our doctors and at BayView Dental by calling at (941) 479-3644 and we will recommend a treatment option for you.

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