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If you have recently started using a CPAP machine, you may be experiencing some difficulty falling asleep at night, or you may be unable to sleep through the entire night without waking. This is normal, as you are learning to adjust to a new type of stimulus. Here are a few things that you can try if you are having a hard time falling or staying asleep.


Some people have a difficult time sleeping because they are not used to the CPAP mask. One thing that you could try is wearing the mask during the day when you go about your everyday tasks at home. This will help you to become accustomed to the mask so that when you lay down for the evening you are not putting a new stimulus into play.

The more you wear the mask, the more quickly you will get used to it. It will probably take you a number of weeks to be completely comfortable wearing it while you sleep.

Another thing you may want to try is checking to be sure that your CPAP mask correctly fits to your face. An improper fit will be uncomfortable and will make problems falling or staying asleep worse.

If your mask is comfortable but you simply have a hard time adjusting to the forced air, you may try sleeping with the machine on a lower setting at first. As you get used to the air flowing against your face, you can slowly turn up the force of the air.

Finally, some people have a hard time because the machine dries out their sinuses. If you are suffering from this problem, try using a saline spray right before you go to bed. This will help keep your sinus tissues moist during the night.

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