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Even if you have a small break or crack in your tooth it is very important to call our dentist as soon as you can. You want to get treatment as soon as possible so that the problem does not get much worse.

There are a lot of bacteria in your mouth and if your tooth is broken the nerve is not protected from that bacteria and there is a great deal of risk for infection. This infection will likely cause a great deal of pain, and our dentist will most probably need to extract the tooth.


What are the dangers of having a broken tooth? You may or may not experience pain if you have a tooth that breaks. There may be irritation on your tongue and cheek, however, from the sharp line the fracture of the tooth will cause. If that tooth is too close to a nerve you will likely experience a wide range of sensations. These may be anything from sensitivity to hot and cold, severe pain when you try to bite down because it puts pressure on your tooth.

You may have such a toothache that it feels almost unbearable. All of these are dangerous to your health and to the health of your teeth and mouth. If the break is small enough and you are able to have it repaired early enough, there is a chance there may be no nerve damage, or very little. However, the longer you wait, and a larger break occurs, then you will probably require not only an extraction but root canal treatment.

Once you know your tooth is broken to prevent further damage to yourself or your teeth, the most important first step is to contact the doctor as soon as possible and determine the degree of fracturing you have suffered and what the treatment options are.

If you have concerns regarding your teeth or are experiencing any pain due to a cracked or broken tooth, please call the office and let us schedule you an appointment as soon as possible.

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